Inventor 2014 Update verfügbar

Für Inventor 2014 ist das Update 3 verfügbar (zip – 40990Kb) Update 3 readme (htm – 23Kb)
Update 2 readme (htm – 22Kb)
Update 1 readme (htm – 22Kb)   was wurde behoben?

  • Graphic Issue with Display True line weight
  • The edges will disappear when zooming the model with section view under shaded with edges visual style
  • Abnormal triangles appear occasionally for some large assemblies and drawings
  • Some portion of the assembly disappear during zoom
  • Shading in drawing view disappears when zooming
  • Graphics not rendering correctly, leaving ghosted and/or missing parts in assemblies
  • Poor decal quality in Performance Mode
  • Unexpected exit with error message "Display driver stopped responding and has recovered"
  • Unexpected exit when opening IDW
  • IDW Property text is moved when saved as AutoCAD DWG
  • Unable to offset in 2d sketch
  • Unexpected exit during move item with Tube&Pipe items attached due to Bolted Connection
  • Unexpected exit due to WPF application rendering in Hardware Acceleration mode
  • Transparent components disappear from graphic when zoom in/out after create or delete constrains
  • Unexpected exit when zoom in or rotate the freeform body
  • Editing iPart table via Excel 2013 will not save if another Excel documents open
  • Inventor locks up or unexpectedly exits when view degrees of freedom of an assembly that has patterned components
  • Color assignments lost when saving as STEP AP214
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