Update 2 für Inventor 2014 Service Pack 2

Update 2 für Inventor 2014 Service Pack 2 ist ab sofort verfügbar

INV18220.zip (zip – 20Mb) Readme

Das wurde behoben:

  • 1517-992: Inventor hangs when saving a large assembly as Catia V5.
  • 1518-199: The setting of template for assembly in make component configuration is not retained.
  • 1517-970: Change Size of Content Center part results in inaccurate parameters.
  • 1516-370: iFeature does not update correctly when the reference sketch changes.
  • 1517-578: Parameters in dependant copied iFeature do not update correctly editing the base iFeature.
  • 1518-417: Import Parameters functionality does not update all the parameters as expected.
  • 1420-905: Incorrect Master Mass is calculated when generating Shrinkwrap.
  • 1515-962: Corner not detected on sheetmetal flange created with thicken command.
  • 1514-506: Poor graphics performance with custom DPI size.
  • 1516-669: Stress Analysis – Unable to select face for FEA loads and constraints.
  • 1518-676: Stress Analysis – Load directions based on existing faces are incorrect and cannot be changed.
  • 1518-703: The model displays too brightly after migrating the customized lighting styles to the Inventor default styles.
  • 1517-471: Moment of Inertia is calculated to negative value if modifying the Mass value manually.
  • 1518-347: Feature creation becomes unresponsive after open and close component multiple times during a single Inventor session.
  • 1518-402: Drawing section view becomes corrupt after update.
  • 1507-142: Unexpected exit in XLayerExternalResolver::ResolveFile() when running VBA.
  • 1517-349: Unexpected exit when updating second derive part after deleting the geometry in sketch block within base part.
  • 1518-794: Unexpected exit when working with part file in non-English version.
  • General stability enhancements

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